Madeira will reopen to tourism on the 1st of July – What you need to know (COVID-19)

Welcome back to Madeira From 1 July 2020, Madeira will welcome tourists to the island again, and the compulsory quarantine will be lifted.

Walk Caldeirão Verde

Join us on this wonderful Caldeirão Verde walk along a Levada. The breathtaking views, the unspoiled forest, the waterfalls and the refreshing air make this hike a must-do of Madeira.

Walk Boca do Risco – Larano

Come along with us on Boca do Risco – Larano walk for a beautiful and unforgettable landscape. This walk combines a coastal path and forest, which makes this a very diverse hike.

Walk Levada do Rei

Enjoy stunning views and feel Nature at its best. The Laurisilva forest – World Nature Heritage of UNESCO will take you back in time to the discovery of the island.

Walk 25 Fountains

Come with us on this extraordinary walk along a Levada (water channel). The landscape and the surrounding nature with waterfalls and the UNESCO Laurel Forest are fantastic.

Walk Pico Ruivo & Queimadas

The walk Pico Ruivo & Queimadas combines the fascinating mountains, the historic levadas and the ancient forest in a single day. We’ll show you Madeira’s diversity and stunning scenery.

Walk Ponta São Lourenço

Ponta São Lourenço Walk is Every nature lover’s dream! Untouched stunning nature, colourful cliffs, and wild endemic flora and fauna. For the ones who trek, this walk is unmissable.

Levada do Norte Walk

This tour is a lovely way to walk in Madeira and discover agricultural terraces with a complex system of irrigation, the mountain life of people, and beautiful views.

Levada do Castelejo Walk

This is one of our guests’ favourite half-day walk tours. It offers superb views of the striking Eagle’s Rock formation, villages, and farms of the Northeast Coast.

Black scabbard fish

Scabbard fish or “Peixe Espada“ The fishing activity in Madeira has always been important. It started in the 15th century with the early settlers.


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